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The Fintech ecosystem in Chile grows by 34% in the past 18 months and positions itself as the fourth largest Fintech ecosystem in Latin America

The Fintech ecosystem in Chile consolidates itself with 75 startups, driven by the growth in the following segments: Wealth Management, Enterprise Financial Management, Crowdfunding and Payments. In the last years Chile has demonstrated how the country’s economic development is growing and consolidating, reinforced by the increase in the economic forecast for 2018 of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, which increased up to 2.8% in comparison with the 1.6% projected in 2017. In terms of digitalisation Chile has also made considerable progress, becoming the most connected country in Latin America, according to a study conducted by IMS Corporate, which ... Read more

The Fintech ecosystem in Spain grows by 41% in the past 15 months and positions itself as the largest Ibero-american market (Part I)

The 117 new Fintech startups that emerged in Spain in the past 15 months position the country as the largest Ibero-american Fintech ecosystem with 294 startups. The innovative potential of the Spanish Fintech ecosystem has been driven by the high growth of the following segments: Crowdfunding, Personal Financial Management and Enterprise Financial Management Finnovista has conducted different Fintech Radar reports about the most important countries in the Ibero-american region in order to create a comprehensive data source of the Fintech enterprises, evaluate the sector’s progress in the region, and give visibility and recognition to a movement that will lead the ... Read more

Colombia consolidates its position as the third Fintech ecosystem in Latin America after growing 61% in one year

The 47 new Fintech startups that emerged in the past 12 months in Colombia consolidate the country in the race for Fintech innovation in Latin America, driven by the growth of the segments: Payments and Remittances, Lending, Enterprise Financial Management and Crowdfunding. The Colombian Fintech ecosystem has been one of the most dynamic in Latin America for some time, just as we saw in the previous edition of our Fintech Radar Colombia. In this new update, Finnovista has identified 124 Fintech startups in Colombia, which represent an increase of 47 startups or a growth by 61% since the last edition ... Read more

The Mexican Fintech ecosystem grows 50% in less than a year and overtakes Brazil as the Fintech Leader in Latin America

The 80 new Fintech startups emerged in the past 10 months in Mexico position the country as the leader in the race for Fintech innovation in Latin America, driven by a strong growth in Insurance, Lending, Enterprise and Personal Financial Management, and Financial Education & Savings. In recent years, Latin America has joined the global Fintech revolution, creating innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystems that enabled the development of new technology startups that offer highly innovative financial products and services. Several studies and reports have highlighted the high growth rates of Fintech in the region, such as the 2017 LAVCA Trend Watch, ... Read more

Fintech Radar Perú: 45 Startups Fintech boost the provision of better financial services in Peru

Following on with our aim to identify Latin America’s Fintech talent, from Finnovista we present the new edition of our Fintech Radars. On this occasion we have elaborated the Fintech Radar for Peru, in which we have identified 45 Fintech startups operating in Peru. The Peruvian market is a clear example of how the advance of the smartphone penetration, the use of digital services by a large proportion of the population and the low cost of technologies is stimulating the emergence of technological entrepreneurships that offer alternate and innovative financial products and services (Fintech), which threaten the traditional banking and ... Read more

Fintech Radar Ecuador identifies an emerging Fintech ecosystem in Ecuador with more than 30 startups

After publishing the Fintech Radars of Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Spain, we have created the Fintech Radar Ecuador, in which we have identified the current state of the Fintech sector in this country, which has grown substantially over the last year, giving rise to a bubbling Fintech and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Among other startups, we can find innovative projects such as the payments platform Kushki Pagos; or the first neobank in Ecuador, Credipy. Following the wave of financial innovation present in other countries of the Latin American region, Ecuador has undergone a digital transformation in the financial sector, enabling ... Read more

Brazil becomes the largest Fintech ecosystem in Latin America

Finnovista has pursued its efforts to map and monitor the Fintech industry in Latin America by exploring in detail the Brazilian market after performing similar research studies for Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. As a result, Finnovista generated its first Fintech Radar for Brazil. Our most recent findings show that at least 219 Fintech startups exist in Brazil which are disrupting the Financial Industry sector across 16 different segments. This figure makes Brazil the largest Fintech ecosystem in Latin America, followed by Mexico with 158 startups, Colombia with 77, Argentina with 60, and Chile with 56. Such a dynamic market in ... Read more

Fintech Radar Argentina: 60 startups on the cutting edge of Fintech in Argentina

Following the publication of our Fintech Radars for  Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Spain,  we have published the Fintech Radar Argentina, this being a market where more and more recognized platforms in the Fintech and startup ecosystems are being created. Examples abound in Argentina with crowdfunding platform, online payments service MercadoPago and P2P online lending platform Afluenta, just to name a few. Like other Latin American countries, in Argentina the digital transformation of the financial services industry has led to the rise of an increasing number of Fintech startups that are developing solutions to meet the consumer demands that traditional financial institutions have failed ... Read more

Fintech Radar Spain: Spain quadruples its Fintech sector in three years

When we founded Finnovista in early 2013, there were  only 50 Fintech startups in Spain and Fintech was mostly unknown and undiscovered to many people. In this first edition of Finnovista’s 2016 Fintech Radar Spain , we have identified a total of 208 Spanish Fintech startups, which means that the sector has multiplied by four in the past three years, in line with the global trend of Fintech growth in the last years. These 208 Fintech startups make Spain the largest market of Fintech innovation in  Ibero-America, well above of the 130 in Brazil, the 128 in Mexico, the 77 ... Read more

Fintech Radar Chile

The digital transformation of the financial sector is cutting across borders in Latin America as evidenced by this Fintech Radar Chile. Following the publication of our Fintech Radars for Colombia and Mexico, time has proved that the Fintech entrepreneurship is also very active in Chile, competing with other countries in the region in the innovation and transformation of the financial services. In order to identify the startups that are innovating and leading the Fintech sector in Chile, Finnovista has identified and monitored 56 Fintech startups that are positively impacting the development of new, better and more efficient financial services through the use of ... Read more