Bogotá / 22 Mar 2018

    • What will you discover in FINNOSUMMIT in Bogota 2018?

      The fifth edition of FINNOSUMMIT at Bogotá will take place on March 22, 2018. The leading and most successful Fintech conference in Latin America returns to the Colombian capital to consolidate itself as the benchmark event to meet the innovators of the financial services industry throughout a high impact and quality networking and the most relevant and inspiring content in order to visualize and discuss about the real future of financial services in South America.



      Technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship are changing the financial services landscape in South America and across the globe as we know it, and Fintech itself has evolved over the past five years and has become as the main catalyst for the industry change in the region. FINNOSUMMIT in Bogota will explore the driving forces behind this change and the elements that will be instrumental in shaping the future of the industry in the region going forward. FINNOSUMMIT offers its 500 attendees the opportunity learn and discuss together with leading the most entrepreneurs, innovators in the financial services, experts and investors about the new Fintech era in South America.



      The success of previous events, organized by Finnovista in Latin America in which over 3.500 Fintech innovators participated, endorse the success and quality of FINNOSUMMIT, which has positioned itself as the “can’t miss” event for Fintech professionals and financial innovation experts from around the world. Finnovista is the organizer and responsible for successful Fintech events in Europe and Latin America, which have attracted over 5,000 entrepreneurs and innovators in financial services.



      If you want to know more about the past FINNOSUMMIT in Bogota 2017, click HERE.

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    • Speakers


      Frida Ruiz

      Project Leader - Financial Institutions Group, Andean Countries, IFC


      Guillermo González Vargas

      Director Solutions Development, BBVA Colombia


      Raúl Ibáñez

      Co-founder, Movizzon


      Sebastian Berger

      Cofounder, Filapp

      US & RoW

      Kim Hangoc

      Senior Business Leader / Vice President - Emerging Payments - LAC, MasterCard


      Andres Bernal

      Country Manager Colombia, Mercado Pago


      Daniel Arbeláez

      Senior Manager, Accenture Interactive


      Juan Luis Torres

      Country Manager Mexico, Bdeo


      Christine Kenna

      Partner, IGNIA Venture Capital Fund

      US & RoW

      Nuria Aliño

      Lead of Digital Financial Services, IFC


      Marcelino Herrera Vegas

      Vicepresident Digital Banking Colombia, Colpatria Scotiabank

      US & RoW

      Gabriela Andrade

      Financial Markets Lead Specialist at the Connectivity, Markets and Finance Division, IDB


      Wenyi Cai

      Founder & Managing Partner, Polymath Ventures

      US & RoW

      Vanesa Meyer

      Head of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Visa LAC


      Ghela Boskovich

      Head of Fintech and Regtech Partnerships, Rainmaking

      US & RoW

      Arnaud Collery

      Chief Happiness Officer | Emotional DJ | Storyteller

      US & RoW

      Thayde Olarte

      Vice President, Fintech Partnership, Innovation - Scotiabank

      US & RoW

      Anabel Perez

      CEO and Co-Founder, NovoPayment


      Rebeca Azaola

      Country Manager Mexico, Afluenta


      Guilherme Horn

      Managing Director - Head of Innovation LATAM, Accenture Brasil

      US & RoW

      Miguel Herrera

      Director, Krealo (Credicorp)


      Alan Colmenares

      Partner technology Strategy Manager - Latam, Microsoft

    • Startup Competition

      Throughout the conference, we will have the opportunity to discover the most innovative startups in Colombia and the South America region (excluding Brazil) thanks to the FINNOSUMMIT Pitch Competition sponsored by Scotiabank, the competition that looks for the most promising startups with the potential to transform the financial industry in the region.

      The main objective of this competition is to promote Fintech entrepreneurship in Colombia and the South America region by granting the selected startups high visibility in the sector by offering them the opportunity to present their projects to FINNOSUMMIT’s audience and a panel of judges, which will be composed by today’s most relevant professionals in the Fintech sector of the region. You can find more details about the competition, as well as the application deadline HERE.


      Do you want to be one of the startups pitching at FINNOSUMMIT Pitch Competition and be the most innovative in the region?



    • Agenda



      Entering a new era for Fintech for South America


      8:00 - 9:00 Register and Coffee 

      keynote9:00 - 9:15 Welcome and introduction
      By the organizers of FINNOSUMMIT. Fermín Bueno and Andrés Fontao from Finnovista
      keynote9:15 - 9:45 Opening keynote: Deconstructing innovation: what does it take to innovate? (En inglés).
      Wenyi Cai
       (Founder & Managing Partner at Polymath Ventures
      keynote9:45 - 10:15  Moving towards to a new era in Fintech in Latin America
      Nuria Aliño
      (Lead of Digital Financial Services, IFC)
      keynote10:15 - 10:45  API Economy and open banking
      Anabel Perez
       (CEO and Co-Founder, NovoPayment)
      10:45 - 11:30 Coffee Break
      11:30 - 12:00 Fireside Chat: Regulators as Innovators. (In English)
      Facilitator: Ghela Boskovich (Head of Fintech and Regtech Partnerships, Rainmaking)
      Speakers: Rebeca Azaola (Country Manager Mexico, Afluenta), Miguel Herrera (Partner, Quona Capital)
      competition12:00 - 12:45 Startup pitches: FINNOSUMMIT Pitch Competition sponsored by Scotiabank
      Pitches of the most innovative Fintech startups of South America  
      keynote12:45 - 13:15 Happiness KPI
      Arnaud Collery 
      (Chief Happiness Officer | Emotional DJ | Storyteller)
      keynote13:15 - 14:15 Networking Lunch
      competition14:15 - 14:45 Startup pitches: FINNOSUMMIT Pitch Competition sponsored by Scotiabank
      Pitches of the most innovative Fintech startups of South America
      14:45 - 15:15 Fireside Chat: Forget the buzzwords: Let's build stuff... together! (Act I)
      Facilitator: Guilherme Horn 
      (Managing Director - Head of Innovation LATAM, Accenture Brasil)
      SpeakersMache Herrera Vegas (Vice President Digital Banking Colombia, Colpatria Scotiabank), Vanesa Meyer (Head of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Visa LAC)
      15:15 - 15:45 Fireside Chat: Forget the buzzwords: Let's build stuff... together! (Act II)
      Facilitator: Guillermo González Vargas (Director Solutions Development,BBVA Colombia)
      Speakers: Juan Luis Torres
      (Country Manager Mexico, Bdeo), Sebastian Berger (Co-founder Filapp), Raúl Ibañez (Co-founder Movizzon)
      keynote15:45 - 16:15  Propuestas de valor al cliente para nativos digitales
      Daniel Arbeláez
       (Senior Manager, Accenture Interactive)  
      16:15 - 16:45 Coffee Break
      keynote16:45 - 17:15 Fintech in Latin America: a different kind of challenges
      Christine Kenna (Partner, IGNIA Venture Capital Fund)
      17:15 - 17:45 Fireside Chat: Future of payments
      FacilitatorAlan Colmenares (Partner technology Strategy Manager - Latam, Microsoft)
      Speakers: Andres Bernal (Country Manager Colombia, Mercado Pago), Kim Hangoc (Senior Business Leader / Vice President - Emerging Payments - LAC, MasterCard
      keynote17:45 - 18:15 Closing keynoteThe New Frontiers: Crypto Currency, AI, Digital Identity & Security. (In English)
      Ghela Boskovich
       (Head of Fintech and Regtech Partnerships, Rainmaking)  
      competition18:15 - 18.25 Competition Awards Ceremony: FINNOSUMMIT Pitch Competition sponsored by Scotiabank
      Winner announcement of the Final of  FINNOSUMMIT Pitch Competition - South America Edition
      closing 18:25 - 18:30 Wrap-up and Conclusion
      By the organizers of FINNOSUMMIT Fermín Bueno and Andrés Fontao of Finnovista
      18:30 - 19:30 Cocktail 


      Download the agenda in PDF format HERE.

      [This event will be mostly in Spanish, except sessions marked “In English”. Simultaneous translation will be available during the whole event].

    • Venue


      Hall 74-Event Center
      Cl. 74 #1425
      Bogota, Colombia


    • Sponsors

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    • Strategic Partner

      FINNOSUMMIT no sería posible si no tuviésemos el apoyo de grandes empresas que nos ayudan a construir el mayor evento Fintech de toda la región de Sudamérica.


      Los partners de FINNOSUMMIT tienen acceso directo a destacados emprendedores, innovadores, inversores,  instituciones financieras y otras organizaciones del sector Fintech de la región. La colaboración con FINNOSUMMIT en la nueva edición en Bogotá 2018 reafirma el compromiso de las empresas participantes con la innovación Fintech que revolucionará la industria financiera.


      Si quieres formar parte de este grupo, que tiene grandes oportunidades de relacionarse con lo más destacados emprendedores, innovadores en servicios financieros, ejecutivos de entidades financieras, inversores y otras organizaciones del sector y de hacer negocios con un público experto ávido de novedades Fintech, ponte en contacto con nosotros a través del email [email protected]


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    • Who attends to FINNOSUMMIT?

      FINNOSUMMIT is the perfect mix of corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and other key players of the ecosystem.
      We invite you to meet us. Come to our event and be part of the FINNOSUMMIT community.


    • The FINNOSUMMIT experience

      FINNOSUMMIT has positioned itself as the benchmark event on collaborative innovation in financial services in Latin America. We invite you to discover the reason behind its success by watching again the best moments of the previous FINNOSUMMIT celebrated in Bogotá in 2017.

    • Organizer

      FINNOSUMMIT is organized by Finnovista.

      Finnovista is an impact organization that empowers Fintech ecosystems in Latin America and Spain through a collaborative Fintech platform that encompasses acceleration and scale programs, conferences, hackathons, research, competitions and a dedicated Fintech co-creation space.

      At Finnovista, we build bridges between the financial services industry and Fintech startups with the vision of transforming finance for the better at the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. We eliminate frictions so startups can change the world of finance in collaboration with financial institutions, other corporates, and investors.

      Finnovista is the organizer of FINNOSUMMIT, the leading conference where innovators in the financial services industry meet through high-quality, impact networking and discover the most relevant and inspiring content to see and discuss the real future of financial services.


    • Registration

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