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About Us

  • Finnovista

    Finnovista is an impact organization

    ... that accelerates the development of technological companies who provide digital financial services while simultaneously boosting the fintech ecosystem in which these companies operate

    ... Finovista focuses on the fintech opportunity in emerging markets where an important gap existes between access to financial services and to digital technologies

    ... by involving a “smart collaborative network” that includes entrepreneurship ecosystems, investors and the financial industry of developed and emerging economies.

    In Finnovista, we believe that this gap can become smaller with the creation of tech startups, that can provide financial digital services to large segments of the population in a profitable and effective way, with new and more innovative business models adapted to the realities of those markets.
  • Our Manifesto

    We believe in the reinvention of the financial services industry, by adapting it to the actual era of information through entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, building new financial services from the ground by organizations tailored for it (fintech startups), without the legacy systems or the heavy balance sheets management focus.

    We believe that the emerging economies, and particularly Latin America, have the unique opportunity to give a quantum leap to the new and more efficient digital financial services that are demanded by a growing young population, creating a permanent socio-economic impact in these markets.

    We believe that through the creation of a vertical environment (fintech) of support and the involvement of collaborative networks, that integrate the different actors of the traditional industry and the new actors, Finnovista can increase dramatically the rhythm, potential and scalability these early-stage fintech startups can accomplish.

    We believe that the financial institutions can and have to play an integral role in the development of the fintech ecosystem. The banks can provide strategic, financial and industrial know-how capabilities to an initiative that will bring them access and “insights” to the new business models that will transform the industry, and that at the same time contribute to the socio-economic development of the region.
  • Who We Are

    Finnovista was founded at the end of 2012 by a group of entrepreneurial professionals with backgrounds in digital technology, venture capital and financial institutions, for the purpose of exploiting the entrepreneurial driven trend of digital transformation to facilitate the creation of a better financial services industry. During these years Finnovista has built a fintech ecosystem which extends across developed and emerging countries:

    • We have built and facilitated the communities of fintech innovators in Latin America and Europe through our smart collaborative network involving over 250 entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and public institutions.
    • We have created the leading fintech innovation forum (In 2013 and 2014, under the Next Bank brand, and from 2015 onwards under the FINNOSUMMIT brand) in Latin America and Europe, bringing together more than 1500 innovators. These high impact events took place in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico DF and Bogota, and were supported by partners like 500 Startups, Accenture, BCN Activa, Gentera, Mastercard, BBVA, Endeavor, INADEM, iNNpulsa, MWC, Omidyar Network, Visa and Wayra/Telefónica, among many others.
    • We have designed, implemented and managed four large-scale fintech startup competitions on behalf of Innotribe (SWIFT) and BBVA Open Talent (BBVA), that have relied on the participation of our smart collaborative network.
    • We have captured the interest and received applications from more than 1200 startups worldwide in our startup competitions that seek emerging talent transforming the financial industry and related sectors.
    • The finalists of our startup competitions have subsequently been chosen by large corporations to execute strategic projects and have received investment in excess of $40mn from VC companies and business angels.
    • We have co-created and facilitated business innovation workshops and financial services hackathons, involving a diverse network of entrepreneurs, financial industry executives, investors, technologists and consultants.
    • We have designed, implemented and executed acceleration programs for global startups in New York, connecting the companies the US ecosystem and investors.
  • What we do

  • Team


    Fermín Bueno

    Managing Partner, Finnovista

    Fermin is a venture capital & innovation professional with extensive investment, operational, product strategy and technology experience in high-tech digital markets. Fermin is Co-founder and Managing Partner at Finnovista, where he has pioneered a fintech innovation platform driven by a smart collaborative network, that manifest itself through startup competitions, acceleration programs, fintech evens and corporate-sponsored open innovation programs in Europe, US and Latin America. Before Finnovista, Fermin was part of the leadership team that launched an impact startup accelerator and an 185M-euro impact investment fund in Spain, where he managed startup investments in fintech, mobile, enterprise software and semiconductors. Fermin has also worked as management consultant and technology researcher in early mobile technologies in Europe. Fermin holds a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Universidad Sevilla, and MBA from IE Business School (Spain).


    Andrés Fontao

    Managing Partner, Finnovista

    Andres Fontao is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Finnovista, where he has pioneered fintech events, startup competitions and bank-sponsored open innovation programs throughout Europe and Latin America under different brands, including Next Bank, Innotribe and BBVA Open Talent brands. Prior to starting finnovista, Andres spent time with a Silicon Valley-based fintech start-up leading expansion into Europe and LATAM. Before that, he was head of mobile banking at Bankinter. Andres has also worked as a consultant to mobile operators in Europe and Mexico. Andres holds a BA from Middlebury College in Vermont (USA) and MBA from IE Business School in Madrid.


    Josefa Marzo

    Country Manager - Mexico

    Josefa is the Country Manager of Finnovista in Mexico where she is able to develop one of her great passions: to promote the professional development of people in their work environment, helping them realize their goals to infinity. In addition, she promotes the inclusiveness of banking and the financial world in general, acts as a service that everyone can access, understands the products and their risks, and gives the customer the best service in an ethical way. Before joining Finnovista, she founded a bank in Mexico, was the person in charge of developing the operative part of technology, operations, human resources and business engineering. It was there where she developed her passion and vision for technological innovation in the financial sector. Previously, she had been the COO for Latin America of The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and director of the legal advisors for ABN Amro in Spain and RBS in Latin America. Josefa holds a degree in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid and LLM from the Instituto de Empresa.


    Franco Boggino

    Events Director

    The great social impact generated by startups and the inspiration transmitted by their leaders is what motivated Franco to join the entrepreneurial ecosystem after more than 15 years of experience working in big multinationals like HSBC, SHELL, Starmedia, First Data and WOBI en Mexico and Argentina. Passionate about business and innovation, Franco holds a Degree in Business Administration from the Catholique University of Argentina and a Masters in Marketing from University of San Andrés. Convinced that business encounters are always transforming experiences that inspire people to take action, he participated during more than 7 years in the organisation and commercialization of over 30 major congress, including World Business Forum in NY, CDMX and Bogota.


    Eduardo Morelos

    Research & Investment Director

    Before joining Finnovista, Eduardo served as Manager of the Wayra Academy in Mexico City, a global startup accelerator and seed capital fund looking to promote entrepreneurship in Europe and Latin America. He has gained solid experience in developing new business opportunities, operations management, seed capital investments, and intellectual property matters, and so far has contributed to create and advance a portfolio of +40 technology startups. Prior to Wayra, he was Business Relationship Manager for a technology company within the healthcare sector based in Mexico City, managing technical and financial challenges associated with the company’s technology and patents portfolio. Eduardo graduated from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, France, holding a Master’s degree in Engineering.


    Christine Chang

    Industry Partnerships Director

    Christine is Finnovista’s program director for Startupbootcamp Scale, working with growth-stage FinTech start-ups looking to expand into Mexico. Driven by a continual desire to learn, evolve and build things, she moved to Mexico in 2015 convinced that Latin America and emerging markets are the breeding grounds for authentic, impactful innovation that comes out of organic need and great ambitions. Christine has worked on a variety of projects related to transformation, growth and strategy execution over 15 years and across three continents within various oneworld airlines, a Swiss bank, Big 4 consulting firm and early-stage HR Tech and Consumer Tech companies. She has been recognized for her commercial expertise as well as talent for preparing gluten-free desserts and Thanksgiving turkeys. Christine has a B.S. in International Business from Pepperdine University, an MBA from IE Business School and is currently working on her yoga handstand and Python skills.


    Jessica Pleguezuelos

    Communication & Marketing Director

    The promotion of entrepreneurship as a driving force for change has been a motivation both professionally and personally for Jessica throughout her career. She is an expert in the fields of Communication, Fundraising, and Marketing as a tool for social change. Jessica has a degree in Communications and a Master´s in CSR. She is an advocate for international collaboration, leading her to study in the Philippines, Argentina, Germany, and Scotland. Jessica has worked with national and international organizations on projects related to causes such as the human rights, children, and poverty. Before Finnovista, she worked as the Communications and Marketing Director for the Iniciador Foundation. It is the largest entrepreneur community in Spain with more than 800 training and networking events organized around the globe including 50+ cities in Spain and 10+ countries around the world by more than 250 collaborator


    Macarena Banús

    Innovation Manager

    Macarena has recently graduated from the Dual Degree in International Relations and Translation and Interpretation in Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. Throughout her studies she has done two exchanges abroad, one at Westminster University in London and another one at Université Catholique de Lille in France. During her last year of studies she decided to specialise in International Business and Economics, and thereby became increasingly interested in the Business field, particularly in marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation. Over the last years, Macarena has worked as Foreign Affairs analyst, Financial Communication Consultant and Strategic Human Resources Consultant. Meanwhile, she has combined her studies and professional experience with different projects on entrepreneurship and innovation alongside different multinational companies, which motivated her to launch her own startup and join several associations within the entrepreneurial scenario.


    Alexis Zamudio

    Events Manager

    Alexis joined to Finnovista after been working at Forbes Mexico, there He was manager of business events developed by the magazine. Before this, he studied International Relations at National University of Mexico (UNAM) and he used the events as ways to attract foreign investment, however when he was working in Reed Exhibitions, he understood that events are much than this. Today his work is focused in attendees experiences on site and to promote networking spaces. The Finnovista Culture definitely makes sense with that purpose.


    Gonzalo Sánchez

    Program Operations Manager

    Gonzalo holds a degree in Business Administration from Monterrey Campus Hidalgo Technological Institute of Higher Education and a Diploma on International Business, with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. Before joining Finnovista, Gonzalo was Manager of the Association of Collective Funding Platforms in Mexico (AFICO), and at the same time he collaborated as Liaison Coordinator for the project Crowdfunding Mexico, an initiative involving different players led by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the University of North Anáhuac, focused on accelerating the collective funding ecosystem in Mexico. As entrepreneur, he is cofounder of OverSky, an audiovisual production company based in Hidalgo that supports public and private players of the Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem.


    Elena Cruz

    Program Operations Manager

    Elena's greatest motivation is to impact the world in a positive way and generate chains of collaboration that promote entrepreneurship and transform economies. She immediately graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the UNAM was involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, collaborating for 3 years in Wayra Mexico working as Operations Manager where he supported more than 40 technology startups, managing acceleration services and linking startups with the public sector and private, in addition to acquiring experience in venture capital, operations management and entrepreneurship events. She currently works as Operations and Administration Coordinator in Startupbootcamp Fintech, impulsing the Fintech sector in the region, as well as studying a Master in Business and Technology at Collective Academy.


    Blanca Sanz

    Communications and Marketing Manager

    A staunch defender of the power of marketing and communication as a medium for social change, Blanca holds a degree in journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid and an MBA in International Management. She also has more than four years of experience in various fields of communication. Amongst others: as an International Advisor for the Spanish Embassy in São Paulo, as a Digital Communication Technician for several Foundations and NGOs and as Marketing and Communication Manager for a Marketplace. It was at this last experience that she became passionate for the entrepreneur ecosystem and for the potential that this kind of startups have for driving change and improving society.


    Montserrat Bonilla

    Communications and Marketing Manager

    Passionate about Public Relations and Content, with experience in startups, technology, human rights and gender equity. Degree in Communication Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with a specialization in Corporate Communication. She has more than ten years of experience as a writer and content generator, and nearly four years, in addressing the communication needs of high impact companies and startups. Prior to Finnovista, she was Communications and Content Director of a Public Relations agency specializing in startups with a presence in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina.


    Nabil Meralli

    Strategic Advisor

    Nabil is a three-time technology entrepreneur with a successful exit and a venture capital and private equity investor in financial services. He is Partner of insurance-focused venture capital firm, InsurTech Venture Partners. Nabil was Chief Investment Officer of Silicon Valley FinTech ecosystem, FinTech Portfolio. Previously, Nabil was Managing Director and Head of Latin America of financial services private equity and advisory firm, Valkyrie Capital Partners. Prior to this role, he was an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs & Co in London, where he founded and developed the Institutional Insurance business for Europe, The Middle East and Africa. Before his career at Goldman Sachs, Nabil was Vice President of US Financials Equities at private equity firm JC Flowers & Co portfolio company, Fox-Pitt, Kelton, the financials specialist investment bank that was acquired by Macquarie Capital. He preceded this role as Regional Director for US insurance company, The Hartford. Nabil started his career in the asset management industry at Franklin Templeton Investments. Nabil is a graduate of the University of Oxford and Columbia Business School.

  • Work with us

    WANTED: Professionals passionate about Fintech startups, entrepreneurship and innovation

    Finnovista is an impact organization that empowers Fintech ecosystems in Europe, Latin America and Africa through collaborative activities and networks, such as events, workshops, hackathons and startup competitions. Furthermore, Finnovista designs and executes Fintech startup acceleration and scaling programs.

    Finnovista’s mission is to accelerate Fintech entrepreneurship, building bridges between startups and financial institutions and facilitating the transformation of advanced financial services and the eradication of financial exclusion. To achieve this, Finnovista leverages its Smart Fintech Network, a collaborative network of more than 200 persons and institutions committed to the transformation of the financial services industry.

    Since 2012, Finnovista has built leading Fintech innovator communities in Europe and Latin America, partnering with leading public and private institutions. Since then, Finnovista has designed, implemented and executed Fintech startup competitions using its collaborative networks for institutional clients, such as Innotribe (SWIFT), BBVA Open Talent (BBVA) and FINNOSUMMIT Challenge sourcing more than 2,700 startups, and designed, implemented and managed crash acceleration programs for institutional clients. In addition, Finnovista is the organizer of FINNOSUMMIT, the leading Fintech Innovator Summit where startups and financial institutions meet to visualize and discuss the future of the financial services industry. (For information about Finnovista please check:

    If you would like to help change the world of finance, take a look at our opportunities and let us know your professional profile. We really think that you will demonstrate your capability, being an entrepreneur with a unique vision and share a passion for innovation in the technology. You can also send an email with your request in writing to

    We’re hiring! Take a look at some of our OPEN positions

    Finance & Administration Manager | Mexico 

    Communication & Marketing Director | Mexico 

    Events Content & Research Manager | Mexico

    Portfolio Management and Development Manager, Startupbootcamp FinTech & Scale | Mexico

    Program Director, Startupbootcamp FinTech Mexico City | Mexico

    Communications and Marketing Intern | Mexico


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