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The future of Fintech is women.

Last Monday, March 8th, the ninth edition of FINNOSUMMIT Hour took place, which had as its main theme the participation of women in the growing Fintech […]

Fintech rockstars wanted for Visa Everywhere Initiative 2021 competition

It’s easier than ever for startups in the payments industry to compete for $100,000 in prizes Ariel Rochwerger co-founded a fintech called Fygaro that helps SMEs […]

Webinar: Neobanks, Open Banking, BaaS – Digital transformation drivers that also foster financial inclusion.

According to The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Finnovista, in 2018 there were 1,166 Latin American Fintech ventures registered, which represented a 66% growth in comparison […]

FINNOSUMMIT Challenge seeks teams leveraging blockchain to transform business and society in Latin America

FINNOSUMMIT Challenge: Blockchain Edition, Powered by Algorand, aims to discover, promote, and empower teams transforming the industries throughout LatAm. Apply now until February 8th! ‘FINNOSUMMIT Challenge: […]

From entrepreneur to investor: Brian Requarth, the Silicon Valley investor/entrepreneur that built world-class startups in Latin America, at the last FINNOSUMMIT Hour of 2020

FINNOSUMMIT culminates in 2020 with the seventh edition of FINNOSUMMIT Hour. This year’s virtual event brought together more than 3,500 entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and professionals in […]

FINNOSUMMIT Webinar: consejos prácticos para hacer el trabajo de los hackers más difícil

El pasado 3 de diciembre, este Este FINNOSUMMIT Webinar, patrocinado por Mastercard, hizo enfasis en los ciber-riesgos y en cómo permanecer resilientes en la era de […]

Digitization and Cybersecurity: key factors to face 2021 with more security

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime is forecast to double in the next five years hitting $6 trillion by 2021. This FINNOSUMMIT Webinar, sponsored by Mastercard, will […]

Embedded finance: Opportunities and possible threats for the Fintech sector

On Thursday 12th November, the virtual meeting FINNOSUMMIT Hour was held, bringing together all those professionals from the Fintech and Insurtech industries, to talk and debate […]

Be part of the region’s most comprehensive study analyzing the use and perception of Blockchain in the Latin American financial sector

If you are part of a financial institution, established Fintech or startup and have worked with or considered working with Blockchain, Finnovista is looking for you! […]

Startups should think about becoming camels rather than unicorns

Consolidated as the virtual meeting that brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, banking and insurance executives, and all those professionals from the Fintech and Insurtech industries, FINNOSUMMIT Hour […]