Rainmaking services

We at Finnovista, along with our colleagues from Rainmaking, design, implement and execute strategies and innovation initiatives to accomplish business goals and measurable results in all industries.

Our portfolio of solutions covers every phase of a company’s innovation journey; from the strategy design for a corporate client to the launch of collaborative venture building initiatives with leading startups. This also includes co-creation, pilot projects, and the acceleration of technological solutions.


A compass in a chaotic environment

Our innovation strategy methodology provides corporate executives with the necessary tools to give them certainty in a changing environment.

By this methodology, innovation leaders in these companies can make more-informed decisions and implement results-oriented initiatives, identifying the most promising niches for their company and sector.

Corporate Growth Lab

Innovate at the highest speed

This program is designed for team members of large companies in industries such as Fintech, Insurtech, Digital Tech, Transport and Mobility, Energy or any other related industries that want to launch intrapreneurship initiatives and collaborative innovation with high impact and at maximum speed.

The Corporate Growth Lab, which is developed over a period of between 4 and 6 months, focuses on new idea generation, selecting the projects with more potential, piloting those and testing them in the market.

These stages reach their highest point in the Demo Day, the closing ceremony where the participating teams showcase their ideas to a select committee that will evaluate which of them will have access to funds to scale up their project. The corporation develops tangible innovation ready for market launch.

Commercial Pilot Program

Open the door to the best startups

Have you ever been challenged to integrate innovative startups and scale-up solutions into your company without much success? Most projects fall because of work culture differences or because priorities are different.

Finnovista and Rainmaking have years of experience working on accelerating and scaling-up startups with relevant corporate partners. Thanks to our expertise, we have learned which alliances, projects, and pilots with startups and scale-ups make more sense for both parties and which formulas work perfectly for their collaboration to succeed.

Within 15 to 20 weeks, we can develop initiatives such as CoPilot, which allow us to identify the best scale-ups to collaborate with your organization, i.e. those that can help you solve your business problems and implement pilot projects that drive real business results.

Our goal: to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance the organization's value proposition.

Venture Development

You have not found your startup yet? Create it yourself.

The solution that can transform radically the industry your company works in has not yet been implemented by any entrepreneur and you want to encourage your organization to make it real.

Rainmaking and Finnovista help you build the startup that will change the industry forever. We will walk with you from the ideation phase to the total turnkey of the new venture.

How we can help you

We guide your company in chaotic brainstorming, disruptive and competitive business models, and provide you with an effective and proven methodology. We are able to identify and execute the ideas that will take your corporation to the next level.

We support corporate clients from all industries in the process of integration, innovation and piloting projects with entrepreneurs and startups from outside the organization, bringing their cultures and ways of working closer together, with successful results.

We provide end-to-end programs for Intrapreneurship and collaborative innovation, ranging from idea generation to market launch and subsequent scale-up process.

We build ventures working together with innovators ready to face the challenge of launching a startup from scratch and we get this venture successfully absorbed by your organization.

Boost digital transformation in your corporation by collaborating with the industry's most talented entrepreneurs.