Corporate Partner Sponsorship

Through Partner Sponsorship, we help Corporates embrace disruption and start their innovations journeys in collaboration with the Fintech and Insurtech ecosystems.

Partnering with Finnovista will help you:

  • Build awareness as an innovative brand within our Fintech & Insurtech community, formed by mentors, startups, innovation executives and past events’ attendees.
  • Engage with the best Fintech and Insurtech startups in our conferences, community events, acceleration programs and scale-up programs.
  • Ignite cultural and mindset change in your organization by joining our conferences, events and innovation programs.
  • Enable corporate/startup collaboration, allowing corporate partners to find new revenue streams, provide solutions to their customers, gain innovation insights and lead the market by innovating faster than competitors.

Depending on your innovation needs, we can offer three different Partner Sponsorship options for big corporations:

Partner Sponsorship with Startupbootcamp

Learn with the best startups

We manage and run Startupbootcamp programs in Latin America in collaboration with visionary corporate partners and world-class investors. Our Programs are developed for Fintech and Insurtech startups that are in seed, pre-series A or post-series A stages.

We help them with access to industry expertise, capital, business development, marketing, customer acquisition, employee recruitment and company culture and more, as well as we lead them to high quality industry partnerships.

Our programs have a strong focus on finding synergies between startups and established industry players.

Why partner with Startupboocamp?

To see the future of technology through the lens of entrepreneurs while learning about industry innovations, application trends and insights.

To transform your company culture by injecting new ways of thinking around innovation and fast product development.

To drive digital transformation by mentoring and collaborating with the most talented entrepreneurs in the industry.

To enable corporate/startup collaboration to find new lines of revenue, provide solutions for your customers, gain powerful innovation insights and lead the market by innovating faster than your competitors.

To join our global network with more than 8,000 mentors, founders and investors.

Partner Sponsorship with FINNOSUMMIT

The most collaborative event in Latin America

The most collaborative Fintech and Insurtech event in Latin America addressing disruptive innovation and digital transformation in the financial services and insurance industries. FINNOSUMMIT brings together Fintech and Insurtech innovators from the largest financial hubs in Latin America.

Why partner with FINNOSUMMIT?

To position yourself as an innovative player and build brand awareness among the Fintech and Insurtech community of innovators.

To engage and build relationships with world-class speakers, innovation leaders, startups, investors and more.

To sponsor opportunities available for all company sizes.

Partner Sponsorship with FINNOSUMMIT Hour

Connect with the most community of innovators in Latin America

FINNOSUMMIT Hour is a monthly virtual meeting with opinion leaders and the greatest experts transforming the financial and insurance services industry in Latin America and the rest of the world. On top of it the most diruptive Fintech startups from the region are invited to pitch in front of the community. Before, during and after the event, networking is key so innovators can connect and create valuable professional contacts.

Why partner with us?

To e your brand as a relevant player and to increase brand awareness within the local Fintech and Insurtech ecosystem.

To get access to emerging startups in the Fintech and Insurtech in your market that will allow you to start exploring partnerships that can lead to pilots, PoCs, investments or commercial partnerships.

To be recognized as an active member in the local Fintech and Insurtech communities, networking and connecting with all relevant players.

To discover sponsor opportunities available for all company sizes.




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