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FINNOSUMMIT is the most collaborative event in Latin America in the innovation of the financial and insurance sectors. It brings together Fintech and Insurtech entrepreneurs, innovation executives and investors coming from the largest financial hubs to search, create and implement new opportunities to transform the industry.

FINNOSUMMIT has become the place to be for financial institutions, insurance companies, investors, VCs, as well as the place for the brightest Fintech startups to come together and shape the future of the financial and insurance industries in Latin America. FINNOSUMMIT is held in Mexico City, Miami, and Bogota.


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Born in 2020, FINNOSUMMIT Hour has already been positioned as a must-attend virtual meeting for networking and discussing about the global environment and its repercussions for LatAm. FINNOSUMMIT Hour is a monthly online event with opinion leaders and the greatest experts transforming the financial and insurance services industry in Latin America and the rest of the world.

Within the 60 minute of each FINNOSUMMIT Hour you can enjoy a fireside chat in which in-depth current affairs are discussed to support the innovation decisions of Fintechs and corporations, and to debate about how to improve the industry and the region. In addition, 1 hour of high-level networking are offered with the most relevant actors of the Fintech and Insurtech ecosystem before, during, and after what it is already the most collaborative virtual meeting in Latin America. The most innovative Fintech startups in the region are invited to present their impact and evolution in the region to the FINNOSUMMIT Hour community, with whom after the event they share an AfterHour to take networking to the next level.


Previous editions of FINNOSUMMIT Hour