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At Finnovista, we are firm believers in the transformative power of collaboration among the ecosystem, financial institutions, and fintech startup entrepreneurs. Our vision is to propel financial innovation forward, forging a more robust and dynamic financial future in the region. We join forces with fintech entrepreneurs, the driving force behind financial technological transformation, who introduce fresh perspectives and disruptive solutions that push the boundaries of the industry's status quo. Additionally, we collaborate with ecosystem stakeholders, including corporations and investors, who are dedicated to amplifying their growth and impact.

The opportunity to engage in programs supported by major players in the financial industry is vast.

Our mission transcends mere innovation; we strive for transformative change that profoundly impacts the financial industry and, by extension, the businesses and society of Latin America.

In our programs and startup competitions, we cultivate collaboration and fortify the ecosystem, ensuring that finance in the region epitomizes innovation, inclusion, and growth.

Advantages for Fintech entrepreneurs engaging in our startup programs:

Unlock the vast Fintech network of Latin America: Engaging in our programs broadens your connections, enabling seamless collaborations with fellow startups, investors, leading corporations in the financial and technological sectors, and opening doors to potential clients. These relationships hold immense value for entrepreneurs aspiring to forge strategic alliances or venture into new markets.

Opportunity for strategic collaborations: By participating in internationally acclaimed innovation competitions such as Visa Everywhere Initiative or BBVA Open Talent, Fintech entrepreneurs unlock access to a worldwide platform to showcase their projects and engage with key corporate players in the financial sector. During the program, startups are empowered to cultivate connections with fellow ventures in the region through exclusive events and networking activities, paving the way for invaluable partnerships and avenues for growth.

Access to specialized financing and mentoring: Participation in our globally recognized acceleration programs such as Startupbootcamp Fintech provides early-stage Fintech entrepreneurs with direct access to key players in the Fintech ecosystem and financial industry who assist in taking startups to the next level. Additionally, they have access to financing to drive their growth and propel strategic plans. We offer access to a network comprised of over 400 ecosystem experts in Fintech who assist entrepreneurs in developing scalable business models, talent acquisition and management, and access to financing, among other resources.

Exposure and visibility in the market: Participation in these initiatives comes with opportunities for media exposure and marketing, which can be crucial for early-stage startups to gain traction in the market and attract new clients and investors. FINNOSUMMIT Challenge provides entrepreneurs with the chance to propel their projects forward, compete for prizes and resources that will boost their business development, and also to showcase their innovative solutions to the influential community of FINNOSUMMIT, the leading Fintech gathering in Latin America, with extensive media coverage.

Ecosystem positioning: Engaging in initiatives such as the Fintech Award by Vector WMG offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their ventures and grow alongside major corporate leaders in the sector. Constant interaction provides them with valuable feedback, and this continuous learning is essential for quickly adapting in such a dynamic industry as finance.

Joining our Fintech startup programs isn't just a step toward success; it's also an invitation to become part of a vibrant community that drives innovation and collaboration in the financial world. At Finnovista, we're here to empower entrepreneurs on their journey toward achieving bold business goals, ultimately leading to a revolution in finance across Latin America.

Winners from Previous Editions


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Our entrepreneurs

  • "'s support during the acceleration program and all these years has been of great value to us at Vexi. The access to network of contacts, both in Mexico and in the rest of Latin America and the United States, is simply spectacular".
    Gabriela Estrada

    Co-Founder & CEO


  • " gave us the first stamp of confidence, making us see that the company could be something real, that we could start building on top of what until then was an idea. Thanks to our passage through the acceleration program we also got the first contact with a debt fund that later funded Atrato. The value of working with the Finnovista team comes from all sides: the program, the contacts, the financial support."
    Juan Casián

    Cofundador & Co-CEO


  • “The acceleration process was extremely successful: the Finnovista team helped us detect what we should do differently in Mexico in terms of commercial launch, to validate our product in this market and understand how funding worked here. During the program, we got our first clients and close a deal with Latinia as our first investor”.
    Ximena Aleman

    Co-Founder & Chief Business Developer Officer


  • "What distinguishes from other vc firms is its great strength in terms of contacts, support network and the alumni you have access to afterwards. Their accelerator program has produced several super valuable and successful companies that are already part of their portfolio. All that mentoring, contacts and support network has been very valuable for Finerio Connect since we started the program."
    Nick Grassi

    Cofundador & Co-CEO

    Finerio Connect

  • "The team is very talented. It is surprising above all because it is a team made up of people who are passionate about what they do and about helping the companies in their portfolio. You don't find that easily."
    Julio Pernía

    Founder & CEO


  • “Thanks to and its acceleration program, we established high valuable connections with banks such as HSBC and Banregio, as well as Visa, that led us to new opportunities and knowledge in the world of payments.”
    Antonio Pelaez

    Founder & CEO


  • “When we introduce digital processes in Tryg, we do it on top of our core insurance business which has existed for many years. If we try and innovate ourselves, the risk of doing more of the same is too big.”
    Lars Bonde

    Group COO


  • Visa takes collaboration very seriously and this is exactly how Visa Everywhere Initiative works: leveraging Visa's resources and network while harnessing the creativity and fresh thinking of these emerging Latin American and Caribbean startups to create stronger, more effective digital payment solutions that have a direct impact on businesses and consumers
    Arnoldo Reyes

    VP of Digital Partnerships, Fintech & Ventures

    at Visa LAC

    Arnoldo Reyes VISA
  • When we were deciding who to work with there were two camps: people who said they could do everything we said we wanted, and then Rainmaking, who had their own process and a real methodology about how to achieve what we wanted. We had no idea about executing it, but Rainmaking had CoPilot, and that was the perfect match.
    Quentin Vaquette

    Managing Director

    at Engie Factory Asia-Pacific

    Quentin Vaquette ENGIE
  • <style="font-weight: 400;">The professional commitment and passionate engagement from all teams impressed me very much. Rainmaking and all its team members have been a true inspiration to all of us in Ramboll. They keep playing a key role in our journey becoming a digital leader of our industry.
    Hilde Tonnes

    Group Chief Innovation Officer

    at Ramboll

    Hilde Tonne Ramboll
  • “In less than three months, we have launched seven commercial pilots to integrate impact solutions into our day to day business practices. We are in discussions with six other startups that have gone through the Bootcamp to explore future collaborations with IKEA.  IKEA Bootcamp proves that better solutions come faster if we stay curious and open to the world and engage with the right partners instead of trying to solve every problem by ourselves. Bootcamp is a new way of working. For IKEA. For any innovative company.”
    Tony Sandelius

    Head of New Business & Innovation

    at IKEA

    Tony sandelius ikea
  • One of Finnovista's strongest contributions has been its ability to recognize industry trends and needs ahead of time, as well as its expertise in identifying talented, innovative and potentially growing startups that it supports through its acceleration programs.
    Juan Carlos Espinosa

    Head of Digital Banking & Innovation

    at HSBC Mexico

    HSBC Juan Carlos Espinosa
  • Together with Finnovista, we have managed to build a very innovative and scalable program, which is VEI. As a partner, Finnovista has supported us in accelerating the growth of the program with over 1,500 applications in the last three years, giving us unique access to Fintech startups.
    Arnoldo Reyes

    VP of Digital Partnerships, Fintech & Ventures

    at Visa LAC

    Arnoldo Reyes VISA
  • “The recognition of having been the first winners of this competition allowed us to start working with acquirers and brands at a completely different level from the one we had been previously working on. We are grateful for the doors that were opened to us and the real opportunities close thanks to it.”
    Sebastián Cadenas

    CEO at


    Sebastian Cardenas VEI
  • “Visa Everywhere Initiative was our turning point. We went from being a promising Fintech in LatAm to being a consolidated company with a regional scope, backed by one of the most powerful brands in the world: Visa. VEI and Finnovista connected us with the Visa team, which helped us grow our business exponentially.”
    Nathan Schorr

    Co-Founder & CEO at


    Nathan Schorr
  • “Winning in 2018 meant starting to work more closely with Visa, knowing what its purpose is, and establishing a joint goal: help more companies accept payments in LatAm more easily. We are confident that we have gained a lifetime partner for Culqi.”
    Nicolás Di Pace

    Co-Fundador & CPO at


    Nicolas Di Pace
  • The exchange of ideas and the number of contacts you can get in every event organized by Finnovista has been key for us to develop our business model.
    Asier Uribeechebarria

    CEO & Co-founder


    Asier Uribeechebarria
  • Finnovista Pitch Day was our first opportunity to show our project to the community, because we pitch in the event before launching our service commercialy. I was amazed by the Finnovista’s ability to attract very early-stage projects. That’s why Finnovista Pitch Day is a forum to learn about the most factual tech trends in the industry.
    Fernando Cabello-Astolfi

    CEO & Co-founder


  • In our opinion, Finnovista Pitch Day is a major opportunity for a Fintech or Insurtech to pitch in Madrid. Many players in these industries attend this event and we got in touch with several clients during the networking sessions. Also, we found relevant collaboration opportunities for Indexa Capital.
    François Derbaix

    Co-Founder & co-CEO

    Indexa Capital

    François Derbaix
  • If we don’t join this type of events, we don’t collaborate and we don’t open the doors to have more visibility on what’s happenning, we won’t be able to learn about new opportunities. Here we can meet the next Steve Jobs.
    Alejandro Valenzuela


    Banco Azteca

  • FINNOSUMMIT is a very important platform to meet the people that have helped us to grow our business, to get to know those who gave the right advice and the ones taking decisions at big corporations and can benefit from solutions similar to the one we provide.
    Eric Núñez



  • FINNOSUMMIT is a great event where startups, VCs, banks, and other players collaborate together.
    Cristina Cacho

    Vice President, FinTech Partnerships Latam


    Cristina Cacho
  • “Finnovista's reputation and its acceleration program in Mexico allowed us to raise capital as soon as we became part of Startupbootcamp. Once inside, Finnovista's strategic alliance with Banregio allowed us to start working with them, something that would not have been possible without Finnovista and its team. They were very intense and enriching months from the start to the end.”
    Rogelio Rea



  • “When we were selected to take part in the program, we were a B2B startup targeting schools. The program helped us to open the eyes. We found out that financial education was a challenge. The Finnovista team was key to solve our business model caos. Now we collaborate with banks in their corporate social responsibility programs and we are able to open bank accounts via our app”.
    Mariana Garza



  • “The acceleration process was extremely successful: the Finnovista team helped us detect what we should do differently in Mexico in terms of commercial launch, to validate our product in this market and understand how funding worked here. During the program, we got our first clients and close a deal with Latinia as our first investor”.
    Ximena Aleman

    Chief Business Developer Officer


  • “The Finnovista team became a friend from the beginning. Nowadays, they still are: they always help, solve doubts and open doors to other people. The most valuable thing of the program was the strategic alliances. We have collaborated hand-on-hand with partners like HSBC or Visa”.
    José López



  • “Thanks to this Finnovista’s program, we found our seed investor, Banregio, who sponsored the program with other partners, and we raised $300K USD at Mango Life. Moreover, we developed and tested a new solution for SMEs. After 6 months, we experienced a relevant sales increase”.
    Maik Schaefer

    Founder & CEO

    Mango life

  • “When we were selected to take part in the program, we were a very small team and we were in the middle of a transition process: from being a Xili company to be a Latin American company. Thanks to Finnovista and all the contacts we got, we raised a small investment round together with Latinia. It opened the doors for us and helped us be where we are today”.
    Álvaro Echeverria



  • “Startupbootcamp and Finnovista introduced us to very valuable mentors, investors, and partners. One of them, Latinia, was the first to trust us and that led to other investors’ confidence so we were able to close a round of almost $500,000. The team is so involved that you feel you belong to a family”.
    Guillermo Gómez del Campo

    Executive President


  • Fintechs come because they want to meet banks and investors; banks and investors come because they want to find the best innovators in the Fintech universe.
    Javier Castrillo

    Head of Digital Transformation

    Santander Mexico

    Javier Castrillo
  • Collaborating with the Fintech ecosystem via FINNOSUMMIT is the best way to do it.
    Juan Carlos Arroyo

    Banco Azteca

  • We support FINNOSUMMIT because we believe in innovation.
    Daniel Aguilar


  • FINNOSUMMIT gives us a showcase within the Fintech community.
    Kevin Fox


  • The best advantage of FINNOSUMMIT is that all big players in the ecosystem are there.
    José Luis López


    José Luis López de Finero
  • Mercado Pago finds at FINNOSUMMIT the power of the industry and the social media.
    María Paula Arregui

    Mercado Pago

  • Coming to FINNOSUMMIT helps us understand who the more relevant players in the ecosystem are.
    Sergio Furio


    Sergio Furio Creditas
  • FINNOVISTA is a platform that gives us direct access to the Fintech ecosystem in such an agile way.
    Rodrigo Kuri


    Rodrigo Kuri Citibanamex
  • To me, FINNOSUMMIT is one of the best events that exist.
    Johanna Posada